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To bend over and take it, while playing with your balls.
The voluntary grabbing of one's ankles in an attempt for anal intercourse.
John began to bige as soon as Allan stepped in the room.
"Stop biging" responds Allan, I'm not in the mood.
by peegu July 10, 2008
verb, noun
Pronunciation - b-lin

1. Denial or refusal of the acceptance that one is gay themselves.
2. Poor concealment of one's homosexual preference i.e. offering massages to members of the same sex, surrounding oneself and living with other homosexuals, attending gay clubs by in company of other gay 'friends'.
3. Obtaining a girlfriend in a futile or lackluster attempt to convince others of ones heterosexuality.
4. The state of being the only person not to realize one's own homosexual tendencies.
"Yo, dawg, stop, I know you b-linnin' since I caught you check out my ass the other night."
"I feel bad for yo girl, I know you b-linnin', cuz she ain't gettin' any and you're gay as hell."
"Don't act like you didn't touch my balls, you all are b-lins all up in this mothafucka."
"Sick! You're such a b-lin, you stopped on the channel with that action in the backtion, get off this!"
by peegu July 10, 2008

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