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it really was a hilarious movie (a movie about virtually nothing that actually holds your attention? wow!) until all the preps started misquoting it.
when ND first came out:

booboo: have you seen ND?

me: yea it was actually funny

when the dvd came out and was being advertised all over the *friggin* tv:

prep: omg! jessica! did you see ND

prep 2: omg yes! that was the best movie ever! come get your food, you fat tub of lard tina! (which is not the actual line)

prep 3: GOSH! ha ha ha i saw it too!

prep: omg did you really ashley!

prep 3: yea and that cheerleader was hilary duffs sister! omg shes a cheerleader just like us! (these blondes are so smart, they instantly pick up on the stereotype of cheerleading in the movie) cough cough*
by pedro4prez!!! March 16, 2005
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