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To tell a wild story.

To tell a bullshit story.
The children would listen to the storyteller spin a yarn about giant ants living under the school.

The great storyteller Aesop told fables that were total crap.
#crap #hogwash #tall tale #fable #aesop
by peckerwould September 20, 2010
Straining your thinking processes repeatedly until you hopefully find resolution in the form of an intellectual orgasm.
Wacking off theory after theory until you come to a head with a solution.
I've been working on this problem continually for some time, and my intellectual masturbation has finally led to resolution.

Jane: Did you get your homework finished?

Dick: I spent last night engaged in intellectual masturbation til I finally was satisfied. It really drained me.
#beat off #orgasm #pulling pud #idiot #genius
by peckerwould April 25, 2010
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