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All women's university in Southwestern, Virginia that boasts an impeccable creative writing program, the hottest equestrian school in the country, and even hotter girls. They don't call them "Hotlins" girls for nothing, these girls know how to pretty it up on the weekends, usually spent at all-male Hampden-Sydney College in Farmville, Virginia. If they aren't working on that thesis or hiking up Tinker Mountain for the legendary "Tinker Day" celebration, these girls can most likely be found "chuggin a beer like a Hollins girl can" at their weekly apartment parties on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Many of the girls like to use the Sydney boys' popular phrase "Longwood for head, Sweetbriar to bed, Hollins to wed" to describe how their beloved green and gold tops the rest.

Every girl can quote the Preppy Handbook's description of their "party-hearty" selves: "These gals marry well"
HSC boy: Hey beautiful, wanna stay with me tonight?
Hollins girl: I really shouldn't, but...
by pearlywhite October 13, 2004
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