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An individual who exhibits self-control when confronted with a booty-call opportunity, regardless of the level of inebriation.
"My ex called last night at 2 trying to come over. I'm a booty-call jedi, though: I was horny and wasted but I still told her to skank off."


"I hooked up with Jhumpa last night, and I'm worried about tonight. Beer leads to drunkenness, drunkenness leads to horniness, horninness leads to the booty-call. Booty-call jedi will I be, I vow not to call her and risk the clap again."
by pbyoda April 19, 2008
Description of a penis that is neither fully erect nor flaccid.
"The girl was superhot, but after 5 jager bombs I could only get lukehard"


F: "Are you happy to me see me?"
M: "Only sort of, I'm just lukehard."
by pbyoda April 26, 2008
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