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A sorry excuse for a college filled with the biggest collection of unambitious, bottom-feeding, filthy, ugly, slacker, loser, scumbag dregs of the earth to be found anywhere on this planet. One is either a 60's retread, a redneck hick, or of a lower middle class background of which you're the first to attend college. Faculty consists of third-rate teachers with degrees from third-rate (at best) institutions who couldn't find a job anywhere else. A certificate from an auto mechanic trade school would do more to make you a contributing and valued member of society than anything from this place.
St. Mary's College of Maryland typical student conversation:

normal person: "so what's your major" ?

hippie retread: "huh" ?

normal person: "you know, what do you plan to do with your life, what are your goals" ?

hippie retread: "uh, what are goals"
by pawzavitch July 30, 2009

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