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Once a great powerful nation which has ruled more peoples and land than any other country in the history of the world, a much lazier version of the dutch and less cultured as the french. but powerful, cheery, content peoples who live in peace with most countries.. laugh at the americans (who think they won them in the revolutionary war, but it was truely the french) and secretly love the french and germans. who else could send convicts and criminals to a huge barren land full of desert and turn it into a huge succesfull nation? (australia) they invented many things because they were the america of the last century, inventions include:
jet engine
pain killer
modern army
air forces
GMT(greenwhich mean)
mobile phone
origin of species
law of gravity
the anglican church
england is believed to have created the basis of the modern world and it has survived today in the extent of the english language.
"England is one of vast beauty, power and belief. one i am vain of one we must aspire to be!"


"No other nation has inspired me so much as england, creator of the modern world.."

Kofi Anan
by paulogretto October 22, 2006
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