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A phrase used to identify a girl that is attractive enough for you to lick her asshole. Excessive beauty is required
Check her out, she's a fox, i'd lick her asshole for sure.
by paulie cipriani February 16, 2008
A word originating from the Latin language, meaning "seize the day". This phrase has began to be used to as a motivation for people to just seize the day,to stop messing around, and to live life on the edge.
After that talk with coach Consbruck, made me realize that we have to just carpe diem and go all out with whatever I do
by paulie cipriani February 16, 2008
An acronym for id lick her ass usually used to identify a female that meets certain standards of attractivness. With some intentions of actually eatting her ass out.
Did you just see that girl back there, she's very sexy, I.L.H.A.
by paulie cipriani February 16, 2008

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