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(noun) eponymous reference to Albert Wolk based on the similiarities to the T-800 HK (Hunter-Killer) cyborg featured in the 1997 motion picture TERMINATOR staring Arnold Swartzenager.

Similiarities include the efficient manner in which subject does not waste time with meaningless words and has an automatic response for certain situations. Mannerisms also include the speed and efficiency in which both the cyborg and/or Wolk can register a "kill" and completly focus on the mission at hand undaunted by any obstacle that lay in it's path, be it the bar room, bedroom or boardroom.

Programmed expressions include:
Nice night for a walk
Yeah baby!
come with me if you want to live
I'll be Back
Fuwk you Ausshole
Get out
Hastalavista Baby
chill out Dickwaud
I have detailed files
You're such a hoosier
I need your clothes, your boots, and your motorcycle
He'll live
Ya shure.
I need a vacation
Hey Now!
The girls on campus had better be careful, the Wolkenator is in town this week.

The Board of Directors has complete confidence that we will meet our objectives this year with the Wolkenator in charge of sales.
by pauliboi March 12, 2005
(adj.) to be attracted to, or delighted by, a member of the WOLK klan. Often used as a description in the post coital reference but used liberally to describe strong personal attractiveness to the "Wolkenator" by a smiiten female. (Ref: Al Wolk; The Wolkenator)
Of course she said "Al was the bomb". She's been Wolkenized. Hey Now!

female bar patron #1: "Hey Look, there's Al. He's so hot"
female bar patron #2: "You know it girl. I'm so horney too. I think tonight I'd like to get Wolkenized over and over"
by pauliboi March 12, 2005

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