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6 definitions by paul the mighty egg layer

a complementary snack usually offered by prison guards to inmates. this sandwich consists of a penis, two slices of brown wholemeal bread, and one leaf of lettuce, kindly prepared by the prison's guards themselves. if your lucky you could find extra mayo in your sandwich.
"ready for your cockmeat sandwich... i hope you like extra mayo!"
by paul the mighty egg layer March 12, 2009
107 83
a fear of the nokia brand of phone,ranging from any one in the range except the N69. the only known cure for this phobia is by laying in a warm bath of frogs spawn
that guy has nokiaphobia
by paul the mighty egg layer March 11, 2009
10 0
a cross between a frog and a toad
"i love froads"
by paul the mighty egg layer March 12, 2009
14 6
a buttdwelling ant is the smallest of the ant race but its pincer are by far the strongest being able to crush diamond. these ants are not to be afraid of, they often rid your buttocks of fartmites. their favourite meal is digested pot noodle,and they really like the bombay bad boy flavour. they are usually aroused by the exit of faeces, and so their mating season is launched where thousands die because their mate often has aids.
"why are you so sad?"
"my buttdwelling ant died"
by paul the mighty egg layer March 12, 2009
9 2
a not well known form of hinduism, practised only by egg farmers of Nepal. their religous views include placing a warm chicken apon the head of another as an offer of greeting or sexual intercourse this can often be misinterpreted, leading many henduist to think each other as homosexual. founded by a devout hindu named paul the henduism faith is going well with over 500,000 people in nepal and two in east kent believing in this profound belief.
first guy:"im am hendu beleiver in henduism"
second guy:"so am i"
first guy:"have a warm chicken"
second guy:"what no way im no homo"
by paul the mighty egg layer March 10, 2009
9 3
a fartmite is a very rare speicies of mites. they appear when the fart season is near and crawl around the anus area of mammals. when aggrovated they let out a gas only describe as vulgar. this warns its predator, the buttdwelling ant. the only way to rid your buttocks of these defensive and intelligent creatures is to massage your rectum with marmite or other savoury spreads.
"Oh my god ive got so many fartmites its ridiculous"
"dont worry ive got some peanut butter"
"thank you very much but ive rather have some jam."
by paul the mighty egg layer March 12, 2009
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