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1.A word you use to refer to your close friend.
2.A word you use when you are mad at someone.
Dood can also be dragged out to look something like doooooooooooood.
3.Someone that likes getting their dick sucked while eating pussy(69).
4.A word used when someone wants to argue with you but you don't want to hear what they have to say. It's kind of like plugging your ears and saying la la la la over and over again to drown out the noise of the other person.
5.What you say when someone is fucking with you and you want them to stop.
6.A misspelling of the word dude often used by "Lol Cats".
plural: Doodz,Doods
1.Whats up dood?

2.Goddamn it Dood! Thats my cupcake

3.I bet he's a dood. More like a dooooooood

4.(other guy)I told thats my cupcake but you ate it anyway!.(you)Doooood doood dood, thats all you say anymore.

5.Stop it Dood your pissing me off!

6.We are in ur base killin ur Doodz!
#doooood #doodz #doods #douche #fag
by paul sulivan December 26, 2009
Spice is several different legal herbs combined that is a substitute for marijuana, sold as incense just like salvia.
When you smoke spice out of a bong the bong water smells significantly different than bong water that was used for smoking marijuana. Therefore, Spice water is just bong water that had spice instead of weed filtered through it.
Dude this spice water smells sooo fuckin nasty!

Ya it taste like shitty gravy or somethin

WTF, I can't believe you just drank that!

Buauauaua! (Hank hill scream of terror)
#salvia #incense #bong water #weed #awesome
by paul sulivan October 24, 2010
misspelling of the word "douche" that many people on "urban dictionary" use to define douchey things like dooche burgers.

This misspelling is also associated with duche or dooshe but there are more misspellings.
Learn proper English before you try to define a word in that language
(in text)
J: ur dads a dooche dood
JP: well ur a dumbass douche
J: Dooooooood!
#duche #douche #dooshe #cleansing product #burgers
by paul sulivan November 22, 2010
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