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When you first get Guitar Hero and you think you are really good at it so you try to play on expert,just to find that you that you can only try to hit buttons. It makes the sound of someone hitting all the buttons on the microwave.
"dude i got guitar hero"
"nice i got that too"
"i tried playing but i just ended up microwaving into to fail"
by paul read May 10, 2009
when you are trying to make some sort of contact with another person and they dont answer your phone calls or texts, and you haven't seen them in like three days. They are presumed to be in their basement masturbating.
"dude i haven't seen jordan in like three days"
"yeah man, me neither"
"should we install the basement theory?"
"install it bro."
by paul read May 10, 2009
when two people are playing halo and they are in a stand off and one of them gets shot. another one of your team members pops out of nowhere and blasts the crap out of the person that just shot your teammate.
"he finally killed me, crap"
"yes! that guy that just killed me totally got jody killed"
by paul read May 14, 2009

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