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a flab jockey is someone, male or female, who likes to sleep with or ride fat people
Look at that flab jockey riding that fatty!
by paul grimsley August 23, 2006
passion killers are the exact opposite of sexy underwear -- you peel away a lady's clothes and find here rgular knickers there and can suffer a slight wilting in the pant's department.
I thought we were getting it on tonight but you're wearing your passion killers.
by paul grimsley August 24, 2006
a she-male, or rather, a pre-op transexual
the league of gentleman's taxi driver is the original article: a barbara
by paul grimsley September 04, 2006
a chuffbox is the female genitalia and a chuffbox trembler is an orgasm
she moaned with pleasure as he gave her a real chuffbox trembler
by paul grimsley August 23, 2006
a fat girl you dispose of your semen in
she was a rather useful chubby sack for getting off with
by paul grimsley August 23, 2006
jizz that leaks from a sailor's rectum
christ, look at the navy gravy leaking from that poor bugger's arse
by paul grimsley August 23, 2006
the ugly friend who always accompanies the great looking girl you want to be with who you have to convince your friend to double date with.
i'm going for the prize -- you take the skank flank.
by paul grimsley September 04, 2006
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