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The acted of getting kicked/punched in the nuts in a manner that leaves you feeling like someone is using your nuts as a speedbag.
Damn, I just got speedbagged while wrestling with the kids!
by pattyF May 21, 2010
A text message sent in a time of distress
Hey guys I gotta run, I just got a distrext from my girl.
by pattyF January 15, 2011
Is a sexy and smart black guy
dang look at that black guy studying he must be a Devaughan
by pattyf November 11, 2013
The outerwebs is what trasmits your information from your interwebs to The Cloud.
Patrick: "I just sent you an email"

David: "I didn't get it yet"

Patrick: "Maybe it's still in the cloud"

David: "Either that or it is coming through the outerwebs still"

Patrick: "Either way, your getting speedbagged"
by pattyF July 18, 2011

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