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the concotion of different substances, usually food together to make one single bieng and state of food. sandwiches can be used in all different ways such as washing machines, household objects, and they are great to hide small legoes or toys, drugs, etc in. they are found all over the world and are different wherever you may go.
ima go make a sandwich

i hid some coke in my sandwich

i accidently vaccumed my sandwich

i had a pesto and cheese sandwich for lunch today and as well as everyday

i put what i want in my sandwich bitch!!
by patty dub November 07, 2007
a pussy. overused by the british but addicting to say. used as in insult most of the time. can be combo'd with other words for example "you fucking cunt" or "that was a cuntish thing to do"
you cunt

seriously that teacher at school is such a fucking cunt
by patty dub November 07, 2007

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