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used in video gaming. Refer to the over usage of cheat codes and hacks that ruin all the fun in the game originally. Once overdosed, the game become useless and boring as the player will automatically use cheat codes to gain an edge, thereby making the game too easy to care about anymore.
Ted: "This game suck now. I can't believe that I use to play this all the time."
Jim: "What happened? I can never get enough COD"
Ted: "Not when you nuke them all the time. I had a cheating overdose on that one."
by pathological cheater February 21, 2010
The latin name for Bejeweled Jittery Syndrome. It is characterize by constant playing the game Bejeweled on the internet and the jittery feeling between games. It is especially apparent when the victim happen to be on fire in the game, resulting in shaky hands and twitching muscles.
Me:"Dude, why is Ron all twitchy right now?"
Bob:"He was playing bejeweled blitz on facebook all day and now he got bejewelus coruscus. Don't give him anything sharp."
Ron:"DUDE!!! I just got fucking 369,000! FUCK YEAH!!!"
Me and Bob: *facepalm*
by pathological cheater February 25, 2010

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