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when someone painfully yanks your underwear up your buttcrack.
So my friends andy and brad invited me over to brads house for the summer. his parents were away for the summer and left him with money and a ton of stuff. so of course we came over. for years they had always given me wedgies. they were some of the most painful experiences i can remember, but i knew not to fight back, i was too weak.so when i got there they immediatly tackled me and stripped off all my clothes except for my tighty whightys, and carried me to the backyard. they spit in my underwear and wedgied them up my butt. then they hung me up on the tree and got sum ducktape, and taped my feet together and strung my arms through the legholes of my undies. Then they taped bags of warm water on my hands and feet, then fed me tons of bottles of water, like ten bottles. they kicked my balls then left. two hour later i fell asleep. i woke up to andy peeing on me and i realized i was soaked cause i peed myself so many times while i slept. they were laughing and taking pictures i looked down and saw i was hard. every day they did this for a whole month, giving me twenty water bottles a day and feeding me meals, never letting me down so i always peed and crapped myself in the hanging wedgie. they also fed me laxitives twice a day so i crapped myself countless times. whenever i got hard they took pictures and kicked my balls hundred of times so i cried. this lasted two month.
by pathetickid November 12, 2010

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