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John Kerry: a political hero, a brave and a decent man. THis man could have been the one to save our country, to save our freedom, to save our peace and too save countries overall well-being. It is interesting how not one person has mentioned a nice thing about this hero. And how use of dramtization has come to defend in Bush's honor. I dont think anyone reading, or writing on this woould enjoy serving four months in vietnam. He did not leave due to 3 minor injuries, thats malarky. He had no one to defend for him, and there wasnt a way for him to take a shortcut(unlike some) through this war. He had 3 wounds resulting in him having to leave. Now on to the hero part, he has earned Purple hearts, which no matter how you want to say it he earned by risking his life for some one esles, mock that how you want, but its the truth. He then came back to fight for what he had beleived in, peace and he isnt to blame after being in the war, he saw what no man should see: ruthless killing. He fought for something from his heart, and went out of his way to stop it. Once possible to run for congress he did, throughout his career he continued to fight for all those years. He did not just barely "slip" through college, he was a great student, and a leader(in college he learned to speak, also unlike some others). He is in no way a bad person and anyone willing to mock him too partisan and has to make up things to get to a point. In many of you being republicans, as I can see, dont look at someone as a bad person for what they beleive, give them a chance.
"Too bad john kerry didnt win"
"Ya, I like presidents that can speak"
by patchorama April 08, 2006
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