2 definitions by patch05

The name a man uses when refering to a woman who has a foul smelling pussy after he gives her oral sex. He usually never calls the woman again or he makes her shower before intercourse in order to wash away the clammy smell.
"Hey Anthony last night was great"
"Bitch don't come near me with that stank pussy you nasty ass clam dumpster bitch"
by patch05 October 14, 2008
The most amazing stretch of pavement in the world. It is located in Washington State and is completely amazing. The street sign will always live in infamy. A place where anything can happen. The meaning of life is to see that sign and once you do you will never be the same again.
"Holy shit Nichole do you realize where we are at?"
"Yeah Megan it's COOOOOOONNNNTTTTZZZZ!!! omg coontz omg my life is completed"
by patch05 October 14, 2008

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