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When you are having sex with a girl on the top bunk of a bunk bed, and you fuck her so hard that all four of the wooden bed posts of the bed shatter at the exact same time and the bed crashes down on the person sleeping in the bottom bunk, killing him instantly, and you continue fucking the girl.
I feel so bad I performed a fucktality on my roommate last night, but it was worth it.
by patLanddaveRM October 19, 2008
when your roommate is trying to perform a fucktality on you, while a girl is riding you on the bottom bunk and you being the quicker minded being, thrust so hard that the girls head shoots through the top bunk into your roommates back, killing him instantly, thereby saving yourself from instant death and you continue to enjoy the pleasure of fucking the girl while she dangles from your dead roommate's back
my roommate tried to do a fucktality on me last night, but i completely did an anti-fucktality on his ass. and the sex was good
by patLanddaveRM October 19, 2008

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