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french for dat POOTIE TANG
je dois obtenir un certain la pootié = i gotta get me some of dat pootie tang
by pat murray May 17, 2007
wen a girl lays down with her mouth wide open with her eyes blindfolded and u climb to a great height and release explosive diareha onto her face with a great force.
haha i tricked that bitch a gave her the experience of THE CHOCOLATE FALLS

AHHHHHH the chocolate falls are coming
by pat murray April 09, 2007
When your receiving head from a babe and wen u stick it in to far and she throws up on ur pee pee and u slap her silly in the face with it
this bitch couldnt handle 18 inches of pain so i sloppy mollied her ass.

Bitch u puked..sloppy molly time.
by pat murray April 09, 2007

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