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Pronounced 'toit', toyte is a way of saying that you feel happy, healthy, well. Usually proceeded by 'How are you?'.
Person 1: How are you feeling today?
Person 2: I'm very toyte, you?
Person 1: Not so toyte :(
by partyatmyplace July 23, 2011
Pronounced 'shi-v'
When a girl wears a short skirt and tights and the bit on the tights where the two legs join is on show. This can happen when a girl in a miniskirt bends down, or her tights are too big/small. It is very unattractive, and takes away the effect of the miniskirt.
Example 1
*Top of tights is on show*
Girl One: Ew, that girl is doing a shivee.

Girl Two: Gross.

Example 2
*Very short skirt*
Girl 1: Hey, am I doing a shivee?
Girl 2: No, you're fine.
by partyatmyplace July 23, 2011

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