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1. A small town in Ohio, made up of corn and soybean fields, that you might want to live in if you're a farmer or you don't care if you get trapped into a boring, mediocre life when all you do is sit and reminisce about your high school football and pot smoking days. Kids at Batavia Schools either love it or hate, and you only have a chance at loving it if you were born there and have known the entire student population since kindergarten, otherwise there's no possibility of you fitting in, mostly because all anyone cares about are their sports teams (that aren't really that good) and their tightly-wounded cliques (and there aren't many to chose from). Population: 1,617
2. A school/town that has psychologically damaged you
3. A small town obsessed with their high school sports
4. town with a high population of whiggers
That weird person you know who seems like they have no concept of the outside world might have come from Batavia.
by parttimewackadoo August 02, 2011
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