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A person who is impenetrable to fault. This refers to someone who is so perfect, that they can do no wrong.
Often a person who people look up to and respect.
Mary Poppins bows down to the almighty Ussin.
#ussin #master #leader #unique #amazing
by partnershipness January 02, 2009
The act of quickly inserting the penis into the vagina is known as Photolysos.
This is because this type of quick sex is like a photo, it's easy to remember.
Man1: Wow, how did you get on last night with the new girl?

Man2: It was photolysos
#photolysos #sex #intercourse #sexual #photo
by partnershipness January 02, 2009
1)A state of confusion with contentment. Whereby the person who is in this state, is content enough to think "ok", but have no idea or care as to what the other person is saying.

2)'Sto' can often be repeated to imitate the amount of syllables in a sentence the person said
1) Person1: Hey, you know you were supposed to have done our homework for today?

Person2: Sto

2) Person1: What are you up to?
Person2: Sto sto sto sto sto?
#sto #confusion #complication #contentment #imitate
by partnershipness January 03, 2009
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