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A social blunder, usually verbal.
"Them Jews man, what a bunch of big nosed cry babies, always banging on about the holocaust. It happened like a century ago, just get over it! Don't get me started on Israel! By the way, what's your name?"
by Parsefone December 03, 2005
British term for placing a bet on something.
"Fancy a flutter on the 3.00 Derby, Fred? I've got a tip that Elizabeth Green Massacre's going to walk it."
"The one with three legs, you mean? Go on then."
by Parsefone August 28, 2006
Euphemism for putting a pet out of its misery.
Skipper got run over by a lorry, so the vet had to send him to the green dream. Never really liked dogs anyway.
by Parsefone October 13, 2006
genre of reading material that sits just below porn and to the right of music monthlies at your corner shop, usually featuring a bint with large assets on the front cover. It assumes (correctly) that its target audience cares only for cars, tits, lager and casual sexism, in approximately that order.
FHM and Nuts are prime examples of lad mags.
by Parsefone April 28, 2007
1. In football, to give the ball some welly from 40 yards out in the hope you will score a brilliant equaliser and be carried off the pitch by adoring team mates, rather than hit a defender or balloon hilariously over the bar, as you almost certainly will.

2. In a wider context, to refer to somebody having a jolly good go at something that they will inevitably fail at.
1. "We're into the 89th minute. Owen's got the ball, Geremi's to his left, and...oh dear."
"What can you say, Clive. The lad was going for glory."

2. "Did you see our Jeremy, chatting up that blonde bombshell?"
"Yeah. Got to give the lad credit, going for glory like that."
by Parsefone June 12, 2008
When the pub closes.
Finish up quick Dave, the bartender just rang for chucking out time.
by Parsefone April 28, 2007
Ruler of Cuba and arguably the most successful communist dictator of all time, in that a) Cuba's a relatively ok place to live, and b) he hasn't been killed yet. He was mates with Che Guevara, but funnily enough he's never ended up on a t-shirt. History doesn't like survivors.
Fidel Castro came to power in the 60s after ousting Batista.
by parsefone January 25, 2006
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