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slipknot is a band who can actually play heavy metal, if they wern't they wouldn't sell out all the tickets to their shows, have millions of fans buying their albums and most importantly they wouldn't scare old people if they wre crap! most people who think not are chavs or 'rockers' who lower themselves to chav standards.
chav: oh mate, you listen to slipknot, your well gay you are, ha ha. (his so posse pretend to laugh)
slipknot fan: so, your never gonna get a job, a dad that isn't in prison or sex that isn't paid for.
chav:you startin'
slipknot fan:no (walks off leaving chav confused as to why someone wouldn't want to resort to primal violence as a means of communication)
by paranoia666 October 12, 2005

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