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A store that all the losers who hate life love to hate on. It looks better than all the sh*t people wear (all black, baggy pants with the waste way under your waste- you know, the trashy stuff).
People who say that we wear it just "to fit in" actually are trying to fit in with those who hate it.

Heads up for those who think we care that you hate us and the clothing- we don't give a sh*t. Now grow up and quit b*tching.
Person 1: "Why do you always wear Hollister?"
Person 2: "Because that's what I want to wear.."
Person 1: "Well you shouldn't, cause its gay and looks stupid."
Person 2: "Stfu and don't talk to me, cause i dont give a sh*t what your failure-self says."
by papapapapapaa April 13, 2009
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