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1. a person who wears a hoodie everyday or almost everyday, with or without the hood up.
2. a person who owns 16 or more hoodies and wears them everywhere, not just indoors when they don't want to dress up.
3. a person who wears a hoodie even when its really hot outside, just because its their comfort clothing.
4. a person who wears hoodies so much its basically their uniform.

*doesn't apply to kids younger than 16
"Gabe and Pete wear hoodies all the time."
"Yeah dude, they're so hoodiecore."

"Why is he wearing that hat with the hoodie over it?"
"It's his style, he's pretty hoodiecore."

"She wears a hoodie all the time; I've never seen her without one. Even when it's 95 degrees outside, she still wears a hoodie!"
"Yeah I know, why is that?"
"She's totally hoodiecore."
by pao-wow September 16, 2007
1. belonging to the band cobra starship: ultimate form of cobracore
2. living and breathing everything cobra starship as a fan and knowing every single word to every song.
3. a fan of cobra starship who completely loves everything about them and has gotten tickets to and has been in the pit during at least one of their shows (seats don't count kiddies!)
4. a person who wears hoodies and hats and listens to cobra starship: see hoodiecore
5. a person who calls a friend/family member/friend's family member vickyt.
6. a person who does the cobra sign and says "fangs up!" for pictures or for no reason at all

*doesn't apply to kids younger than 16
"Are they going to the Cobra Starship concert?"
"Of course they are, they're cobracore."

"Ashley is so cobracore, she knows every single one of Cobra Starships' songs."
by pao-wow September 16, 2007
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