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In laymens term, Kung fu = Skill

Kung = Energy
Fu = time

anything that takes energy and time developes its own level of kung fu.

Chinese based martial arts are often refered to as kung fu. When regarding these systems of martial arts, many people, especially todays modern martial arts crowed, mis understand the truth behind chinese based martial arts.

There are many schools of kung fu that do not have actual masters teachning them, this is where the common mis conception of its effectiveness comes into play. those ignorant of the truth behind chinese martial arts view these schools and form an incorrect ideal of what kung fu is.

traditional chinese martial arts, often are very quick, very powerful, and extremely effective in thier efficiency.

to become proficient in chinese martial arts however, takes great time.

due to the methods and the variance in technique, chinese martial arts, often, take three times longer to become proficeient in. however, when you reach a state of proficiency, you will have a higher degree of available techniques. Rather than the simple basics that many (mostly modern martial arts such as MMA) have. A "kung fu" master, delves in depth to the intricacies of the human body and its mechanics, exploiting any and all weaknesses in thier opponent, being able to explode from any position, and from any posture with heavily practiced techniques for such occasions.

only the ignorant believe any system of martial arts superior to another.

it is simply in the practitioner itself.

for those seeking very in depth studies that will only grow and flourish with time, traditional chinese martial arts are for you.

for those seeking basics and a quick step guide to basic average fighting skills, do not study traditional chinese martial arts. you will not understand, you will be left behind, and you likely will not have the will, determination, and patients required for such a highly refined skill set.
they say on technique a thousand times is better than a thousand techniques one time.

in kung fu, we practice the thousand techniques, a thousand times.

thus the extra time involved in learning to become truly profitient.

in the beginning your kung fu will be weak, near the end, your kung fu will be unrivaled.
by pangquan October 03, 2006

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