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A cocktail containing blue Jones Soda and Vodka. The Sonic Screwdriver is a variation of the screwdriver cocktail. The name "Sonic Screwdriver" is a reference to the multi-functional tool used by The Doctor in the science-fiction show Doctor Who. "Sonic" may also be in reference to Sonic the Hedgehog due to the character and the drink both being blue. Curaçao Liqueur mixed with orange juice is also referred to as a Sonic Screwdriver.
Friend: "Awwww man!, we're all out of orange juice"

Me: "It's okay I got Jones Soda, we'll makes some Sonic Screwdrivers"

Friend: "What's that?"

Me: "Only the most delectable cocktail ever created!"
by pandaSmore April 24, 2011
GIRP is a hilariously funny and frustratingly hard flash game. It is the son of the infamously difficult flash game QWOP developed by Benzido. In GIRP you play as a red headed mountain climber whose leg joints are so messed up that they will bend in ways that they shouldn't. The controls for the game are all the alphabet keys and Shit or Ctrl or the Left Mouse button to flex the climbers muscles. The alphabet keys correspond to a certain ring in the mountian labeled with a letter. To beat the game you must reach the top of the mountain and obtain a gift box that contains a surprise. Anyone who actually beats the game is bound to get arthritis in the future.
Person A: Hey have you tried GIRP?
Person B: Yeah, I hate that fucking burd!
Person A: Yeah me too.
by pandaSmore March 30, 2011

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