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Maori are the native people of New Zealand. The the people who posted the first few definitions have really shown are un-intelligent and racist they are. For example, the Mori Ori were not here before the Maori. They were a group of mainland Maori who migrated to the chatham islands. The first definition is exceedingly stupid. If someone was 1/800th Maori, that would make them way more Pakeha (Non-Maori) than Maori. So, infact, it would not be a Maori trying to get conpensation from the government, it would be some white trash Pakeha trying to rip off the system by claiming they were 1/800th Maori. I believed I have summed up the sheer idiocy of the first few definitions. And no, I am not a Maori I am not one bit Maori. I am a Pakeha that actually has a functioning brain.
Porangi Pakeha: the maarees aren't the native people of new zealand anyway

Porangi Pakeha: there are no white people people in prisons

And for all you 'porangi pakeha' out there- Porangi means stupid in Maori. Pakeha means white people- I know this may be news to you, but Pakeha is not a derogatory word.
by pakeha September 12, 2006

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