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2 definitions by padulsks

The fourth day of the week in the middle of Tuesday and Thursday that marks the halfway point of the work week culminating in the consumption of a sub. Official subwednesdays must include the purchase of least one subway footlong.
Kristen: "What day is it?"
Stephen: "Subwednesday!!"
Kristen: "Truck yeah."
Stephen: "Buffalo chicken?"
Kristen: "Make it a footlong #subwednesday"
by padulsks July 26, 2013
Simply put: a car cowlick. The leftover snow on the roof of a car after a heavy snowstorm. Carlicks range in height, width, and mass, so depending on the size, if not brushed may tangle surrounding vehicles.
Snowstorm Nemo left most cars with a carlick creating an even more difficult commute.
by padulsks February 12, 2013