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"You Can't Kill a Dead Man!" Is a popular martyr used in popular online video games. The Player has a key bound to kill themselves and at the same time say "You Can't Kill a Dead Man!". A Tactic used to piss off the opposing team, so they won't get the point for the kill, although in most games the person using it gets a suicide kill count, deducting a kill from their scores and adding a death.

Invented by the *Ünhi clan in 2003.
*guy 1 shoots at guy 2 almost killing him*


Guy 1: Fuck you you're so gay!
by Paddy O'Mally June 21, 2008
A Game type of Counter-Strike Source designed to test human ego. This game type must be played on a map with hostages. The object of this type is to negotiate the release of the hostages peacefuly without having anyone get killed. Best played without a HUD with sv_cheats on 1.

Althoguh it sounds like a simple task,human ego always gets in the way. Someone will always try to secretly get the hostages without negotiating the release of them.

The standard way of negotiaton is to have all the terrorists (there should always be more ct's than terrorists) make the ct's drop their guns, search them to make sure they arent hiding any, and move them all into one area. Once there, a leader is nominated from the CT team to retrive the hostages without having anyone getting killed (Acompanyed by the T Team leader). Normaly this would work, but always someone has to screw everyone over by sneaking in a pistol and killing a guard on the ct team.

Simple in Theory, difficult in experiment.

Invented by *Ünhi and AfroThunder in 2005.
by Paddy O'Mally July 19, 2008
A Text Based version of the Vulcan Salute from Star Trek, meaning "Live Long, and Prosper."
Person 1: Hey Steve

Steve: Hey man \\//
by Paddy O'Mally May 07, 2009
Grab Collar Punch Face, a phrase that can get you out of any situation. Or make the one you're in worse.

Simply , you grab the person who's giving you trouble by the collar, punch that sunbitch in the face, and run.


If people are chasing you, Start running, while your running grab someone by the collar and punch them in the face, thus plopping them senselessly on the ground making an obstacle for the people chasing you.
to be used when someone is talking shit and they need to be silenced. Or when you're fleeing for your life.
"This guy owed Jim money and wouldn't pay up, so Jim went to that motherfuckers house and GCPF'd him right in front of all his kids and his wife, took the money and dipped".
by Paddy O'Mally May 25, 2008
My Life's Awesome.
Used to combat everyone wallowing in their own self pity with "FML" (fuck my life)

MLA, I just got into University
by Paddy O'Mally March 22, 2009
instead of using breadcrumbs or flour for batter to fry the chicken in,
grind cheese nips into a power and coat it in that instead.

fry till a nice golden orange/yellow colour, bake for another 20 mins till cooked and you're ready to go (Y)
How was the cheese nip fried chicken yesterday?
by Paddy O'Mally January 22, 2009
A "Bad Vagina". It Consists of Amazon Furs, Swamp Slops, Grizzly Teeth, Granny Sags. There is such a thing as a bad vagina.
guy 1:"Dude theres no such thing as a bad vagina! any vagina is good vagina!"
guy 2:"Yes there is, its called a bagina. Its a wet, sloppy, saggy, jungle hairy vagina. On odd occasions, it even has teeth."
Guy 1: "...Oh."
by Paddy O'Mally May 17, 2008

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