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A term used to describe an American citizen who is either from the Philippines, someone who's ancestors are from the Philippines. Some are dual citizens, others are either permanent resident or citizens only of the United States. A true Filipino American has learned to love both the Philippines and the U.S., embracing their heritage but taking pride in being an American. Other stupid pricks that decide to bash on one country or another any chance they get are not considered Filipino Americans, they are called assholes. Others discriminate against Filipino Americans because of the stereotypes that surround them, but they can go fuck themselves.
Asshole: Man I hate the Philippines and America.

Filipino American: You are a piece of shit and no one will ever love you, ever.

Asshole: (Heart attack) OWWW!!!! (Death)
by pacmanawesomepants December 23, 2009
A city on the island of Negros in the Philippines, arguably the best city ever. It is knows for the Masskara festival, a parade of masked people dancing through the city streets. It is also know for it's overall super awesomeness. The people are friendly, and it's great to live in. All residents of Bacolod embody the Pinoy spirit, just like any other city in the Philippines. For tourists, hotel accommodations are easy to find and from Bacolod you can visit a lot of other places in Negros.
Dude, I live in Bacolod and it's the best.

I just came back from Bacolod, and now I think I'm a little more awesome.
by pacmanawesomepants October 14, 2009
The act of tilting your hat in any direction other than the normal hat wearing position. Used by the majority of youth that wear hats. Some may be able to pull it off, and others look like they're just too stupid to put their hat on straight.
Cool person with tilted hat: My hat is tilted!

Stranger: High five!

Dumb person with tilted hat: My hat is tilted!

Stranger: *Punch* Hat tilting mofo!
by pacmanawesomepants November 05, 2009
The ability to use profanity so well, that those around you can't do anything but applaud your rudeness. Mainly used by bad drivers and high school students, although it has been mastered by thousands of people worldwide.
Bad driver: F**k you motherf*****r! You made me f*****g rear f******g end you f*****g a*s! C**t a** b***h!

High School Student: F**k a** c**t b***h.

Bystander: What pro-fanity.
by pacmanawesomepants November 05, 2009
Someone who hates those not of his/her own race, and has a cancerous growth somewhere on their body.
Billy Bob the racist redneck just found out he had a cyst on his ass. Now he's a racyst.
by pacmanawesomepants November 05, 2009
What Harry Potter and his friends use to get from place to place when there's a global pandemic.
Harry: Let's go somewhere!

Ron: Can't, I've got the swine.

Harry: Not to worry, I've got swine floo powder!

Ron: YAYYYYY!!!!11111rotflolololololol!1!!111!
by pacmanawesomepants November 05, 2009
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