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jeans that are very expensive, worn by rich wealthy people or celebritys; mentioned in nick cannons "gigolo" song
...Feeling yo Masqueno blouse, seven jeans, Black and Lebonese...
#rich #wealthy #name brands #expensive #jeans
by pabli0 April 04, 2006
a very complicated and talent required form of music. people who judge it by saying its "crap" or "nonsense" are just ignorant, close-minded, uneducated, stupid, and have probably listened to 30 seconds of some 50 cent song and judged tha whole industry by some mtv clip. 50 cent is a commercial rapper wit no real talent for tha rapping industry. listen to some underground rappers, thats where tha real talents lie, listen to a variety of 2pac, lil wayne, TI, eminem, nas, fabulous, etc. to say that that isnt talent is just being stupid and tryin to sound cool. to be able to "spit" (rap, rhyme) to a beat and have the rythm required for tha song is not somethin everyone can do. to have flow and lyrics is a talent. ive listened to varietys of every kinda music there are, oldies, hip hop, r&b, rock, country, punk...so i can fairly judge with an opinion im entitled to. people who jugde rap on some ignorant s*** are pathetic. country is tha WORST excuse fo music ive ever heard in my life...ive heard countless songs and it consists of whining. not talent from what i can gather. its a sad excuse for being called music. a rap song can make you think, cry, it can tell a story in a way that no one else could paint it like that. TI and eminem are tha two best artists at painting a picture in a song. any one could write a whiny country song if they wanted...its too easy.
"hey you heard that new rap song, boi that shit is hype! TI got mad flow!"
#hip hop #rhyme #spit #flow #music
by pabli0 April 05, 2006
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