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Derivation of the word "oot", meaning incredibly oot, gives more emphasis on the shittiness of something than a simple oot
people that talk trash about New Jersey are incroot
by pOOTa August 26, 2003
derivation of the word "oot", meaning maliciously oot
"that girl is MALMOOT", said lourdes
by pOOTa August 26, 2003
a person who can not resist the urge to hold the hand of whatever slampiece or fucktoy is around them
Although Datamaio was the founder of the "Hand Holdahs of New Jersey", it had become clear that her protege, Humpty, was the new "Queen Hand Holdah"...the student had finally become the teacher
by pOOTa September 08, 2003
nasty, horrible, ugly, annoying--pretty much a description of anything bad...also has many derivations (ie malmoot)
that girl Annie at the beach house was OOT
by pOOTa August 26, 2003
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