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*Kiss*, *Kiss*, *Kiss*, *Hug*
See you next week,

by pLUSpISTOL July 06, 2010
A sex act consisting of a woman bending over and the man giving her anal sex. She will then have a shit while he is inside of her. Faeces should squeeze out around his penis and the man thrusting against her cheeks creates the pancake effect.
Woman:"Are you familiar with the Guatemalan Pancake?"
Man:"MMmm I love that warm feeling... DO IT!"
by pLUSpISTOL November 30, 2010
Losing a contest/game/battle/argument in a humiliating fashion while the other person shows you how it is done. They remain as cool as a cucumber as if it didn't even require effort on their part.
Joe: "Ryan only has to get the black and then he has 7-balled me in this game of pool"
Jen: "You're getting schooled Joe, jeez!"
by pLUSpISTOL January 04, 2012

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