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Gangster-speak for a stolen hoop-dee; a stolen car. The "G" comes from "GTA", police acronym for "Grand Theft Auto". A "cold" G-Ride is an unreported stolen car. Widely mistaken by lame White Folk to mean an urban gangster's car, stolen or not. In an ironic twist, same term has been used for decades by Fed law enforcement Agents to describe the police-type cars they drive, plain or marked! (see next entry)
"Yo, MoFo, how we gonna git to da mall ta jack some 20's?"
"Chill, Niggah, I gots us a cold G-Ride!"
by pIMP dADDY g June 11, 2006
Marked or unmarked vehicle used by Federal Agents; Government-owned vehicle. Ironically, term is also used by gangsters and hoods to mean a stolen vehicle! (Grand Theft Auto)Also erroneously used by lame-ass White Devils to describe any vehicle used by gangsters, thugs and other profiled yet hip, economically-challenged urbanites.
"Damn... the Sup approved me go to the Bank Robbery Conference, but he won't let me take a G-Ride!"
"What are you bitching about, you still get to go! You can hang takin' your POV; you got a cool ride!"
by pIMP dADDY g June 11, 2006
Personally-Owned Vehicle; used by some Law Enforcement Officers with limited intelligence, major insecurities and no personality to refer to their personal cars who think they sound cool and very "official" when they use lame-ass "police jargon" acronyms and Code numbers in normal conversations. Used to presume a false superiority over "civilians" who they think are impressed by this.
TIP FOR THE LADIES: the smaller the officer, the bigger his truck. (it's like the Western Belt Buckle thing...)
"Dude, I wish I'd been in my POV when I stopped this Major Babe for blowing a red light today; she'd a been sooooo blown away by my Monster Truck, she'd give it up in a second!
by pIMP dADDY g June 11, 2006

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