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Someone who is so noncomformist that they are just like the rest of the people that are noncomformists. They deride anyone who does ANYTHING mainstream and disguise themselves and bohemians. They tell everyone that they are unique, when they are, in fact, just like every other hipster.

Trule, unique, free thinking individuals are special. Hipsters are bad caricatures of these people, and by simply being hipsters, are the embodiment of everything they dislike. They are their own joke.

Hipsters are also like the stem cells of every other 'counter culture'. Take a hipster, put an X on their hand, and they are straight edge for the day. Take a hipster, put a black sweater on them, and they are emo. Take a hipster, put a chain on their wallet and give them a pink t-shirt and you have this years mtv punk uniform. Unfortunately, this also means that hipsters are wishy washy in what they believe/think/want.
That dude that goes to punk shows and just stands there, doesn't move, and then complains that the band he is watching is too mainstream, commercialized, and conformist while trying to talk to the cute chick at the non-coporate, fair trade, organic, coffee house or Jamba Juice about the mainstream topic of the day. That dude's a hipster.
by pFizzleFunkenstein November 07, 2005

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