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an accident prone coyote doing what he can to score some roadrunner tail ...
when the runner is on the road, wile e prefers to hop on to skype and converse with mr. elly font ...
... so, how was he . as wile as ever ...

... his predecessor was known as coyote ugly, but wile e is out, he is a complete looney tune ...

... wile e coyote
by p83 February 04, 2012
A naive and sexually inept person whos over friendly nature with the other sex can lead to them being perceived as a homosexual by the other sex they are trying to sleep with or impress.
"I have been seeing this girl for years and yet to have sex, I have shangoed this girl"
"I think she thinks am shango"
"Is this girl taking me for a shango"
by P83 November 29, 2013

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