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a woman with breasts so large that they hang down past her waste ant infact, look like a large ball sack.
guy 1: Dude. Seriously dude look that chick has tit balls.
guy 2: Oh my fuck.
by p-nig January 22, 2006
a synonym of dibbs, a term that is used to claim something. Swibbsing is a combination of dibbsing, and sweetness. Hence the term "swibbs", sweet-dibbs.
Kyle: Yo would you bang her?
Lucas: Swibbs.
Anthony: Swiiiiiiiiiiiiibs!!
by p-nig February 04, 2006
A term commonly used in the edmonton area describing someone who is made fun of for being diabetic.
Anthony: Hahahahahaha! Look at that stupid diab.
Kyle: Yeah i know, what a loser, that guy can't even make fun of people with A.D.D or he will just get laughed at for being such a stupid diab.
by p-nig January 25, 2006

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