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A phrase with many meanings depending on the context it is used in and the inflection of the voice.

1. Agreeing with a comment and/or suggestion with great conviction.

2. Disagreeing with a comment and/or suggestion with great conviction.

3. The perfect rebuttal to any criticism, argument, logical debate, reasonable request or sexual advance.

4. (Adv.) Emphasizing the importance of an act.
Melissa approached Patrick with a proposition involving her frozen poo and his anus called space docking, to which Patrick replied "Baby Please".

Matt excitedly exclaimed "BABY PLEASE, for a twink he had a huge cock!"

Baby Fucking Please you are sexy.
#girl please #please #baby #baby baby #what the fuck
by p-lo October 28, 2006
The euphoric combination of oxycontin and cocaine.
Troy spent four days alone masturbating in his room due to a large supply of oxymoto.
#oxy #oxycotin #moto #cocaine #coke #oxycontin #masturbating #drugs #pills
by p-lo October 27, 2006
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