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13 definitions by ozzy

ugly rednecks
my neighbors are festers
by ozzy October 13, 2003
the shit in ur eye when u wake up.
hey judit u got virgle in ur eye.
by ozzy September 15, 2004
a person(s), clad with rockport shoes tracksuit bottoms and burberry cap, they need not have nicked anything they just look fucking dodgey fullstop.
look at that twocker over there, what a dick!
by ozzy July 09, 2004
A Rim Job
She gave him a tun fish sandwich instead of a blow job
by Ozzy October 03, 2003
money grubbing lazy woman wont work moves relitives in your house
My wife is being a queefie again.
by Ozzy May 20, 2003
damn, my milk shake really is better than yours. cause you knoe it really does bring all the boyz to da yard, and Jewzzz be in the holidae hizzle.
hic-a-doo-la, dont make me over-estamate you.
by ozzy December 03, 2003