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this difinition is commanly used when the name of the television remote suddenly seems to escape your mind. Mostly used by forgetful, idiotic, coach potatoes which are to lazy to get up and reach for the remote or are to unpatient to wait until the items actually name returns to them. This is usually the last resort of what someone would and could ever call their TV remotes.
coach potato blob boy: MUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! where's the....umm....the.....you know...the, it has buttons.

coach potatoes mother: what do you want now?

coach potato blob boy: where's the...the TV thing??
by oxjoshleighox July 29, 2010
it be a small village just outside the city of Lisburn, in Northern Ireland. Mostly known as a farming community, so there are lots of cows, there are even a fews horses here and there.
Stoneyford's Resivour is the villages main attraction, which brings fishers together from far and wide, yet if there are any actual fish there it is still a mystery.
Yet it's name might emply a rather 'stoney' place, there seems to be more cows than stones inhabiting the place, which is a pleasant surprise to visitors.
Jerry the Petrologist: i think i might go to Stoneyford, in Northern Ireland for a short hoilday, it sounds like an excellent place to go see some mighty fine looking rocks!

Patrick the carnivore: Trust me, you would hate it. Urban dictionary told me it had more cows than rocks, sounds a bit more like my dream holiday.
by oxjoshleighox July 29, 2010
the act of practicing french kissing (kissing with tongues) to improve your skills/talents to make a kiss 'count' or be liable.
dude 1: did you make it to base one?

dude 2: yeah...we were TOTALLY making it count ;)
by oxjoshleighox July 26, 2010

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