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An arosol drug, used commonly by the poorer class (esp. Aboriginals) used in conjuntion with wonder bread for a mountian fresh high
The unconcious nitchie lie in a bed of lysol cans and wonderbread bags.
by Ox May 29, 2003
see "Rusty Trombone"
the act of a woman (or man) eating a man's ass while giving him a reach around.

Also refered to as "Rusty Trom"
As uttered many times by the '03 class in the halls of GM "RUSTY T"!!! "Ryan gave Corey a Rusty T"
by OX October 14, 2003
an indefinable supreme beast; the apex of uberness
the jokobeast just owned me!!!11 ¬_¬
by ox July 17, 2002
an inexperienced piece of shit who buys a dell computer during the holiday season
jimmy just became a holiday n00b
by ox July 17, 2002
Abbreviated term for "lets not"
Tommy: why don't we go and jump of the empire state building, and try fly.

Fredrick: Letsn't
by Ox August 05, 2004
one who suks so much cock that they are taken by the dark realm of haities and made a demon
by ox May 02, 2003
a meaningless phrase often repeated in aguments
the conversation as follows:
"You fucked my girlfriend"
"Did Not"
"RABBLE RABBLE!" and so on...
by OX October 14, 2003

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