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An adult who likes the music of Justin Beiber, a play on the term paedophile
Person 1Dude I just love Bieber

Person 2But your 35

Person 1Yeah so what

Person 2Your such a Bieberphile
by owzdevil December 27, 2010
When in a traffic jam and one driver washes their wind shield (windscreen) you will see the cars behind doing the same thing, similar to a Mexican wave.
Person 1: "Look my wind shield is dirty"

Person 2: "Wash it, you will create a washer wave!

Person 1: sprays screen "cool"
by owzdevil May 26, 2012
Demon theifs is a slang term used for the uk car parts website demon tweaks due to there higher than rrp prices for items.
Demon Theifs have a sale on, now they are only rrp, like halfrauds
by owzDevil May 20, 2009
Not Safe For Children, Similar to NSFW and NSFK its an abbreviation. Something that may be considered risqué
Dude in the Simpsons movie you can see Bart's wang


Yeah it was totally NSFC
by owzdevil September 26, 2010
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