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The mustache, for Her.
"Did you catch that black chick rocking the mstache on The Daily Show on Monday?"

"Yeah, it really helped her own the room, but it doesn't hold a candle to sexy counter-revolutionary authority of Frida Kahlo's mstache."
#beard #mstash for men #mstache power #authority #feminazi
by OwenF February 27, 2012
A building for the slaughter and butchery of rabbits.
"These rabbits are looking fat enough for a trip to the rabbittoir."

"I was down the rabbittoir today and picked up some skins and a roasting rabbit."
#rabbattoir #abattoir #slaughterhouse #rabbit #butchery
by OwenF November 17, 2013
To allot equal time to several different tasks, each exclusively and in sequence. The opposite of multi-tasking, it encourages equal division of remaining time into regular chunks and assignation to each chunk a single task to be focused on exclusively. This is the opposite of the multi-tasking approach that tries to balance focus on all objectives concurrently.
"The human mind is not equipped to multi-task, but it can equi-task as though the software was written for the hardware in direct machine language."

"Equi-tasking is the load-balancing of executive time management."
#equitask #multitask #multi-task #organize #concentrate
by OwenF August 07, 2014
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