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2 definitions by overwatcher

"Ta en bolle" is a Norwegian express. When people are going crazy in chat's, forum's etc. Some people may try to calm people down with this.
fanboi1 - "Ååh fy faen sjekk den ps3'en der eier 360'n a!"
fanboi2 - "Åhh stekk te hælvette da, 360 eier alt da
fanboi1 - "stikk a styggen, ps3 eier deg ihvertfall
fanboi2 - "Ikke tru at du kjenner meg a! mordi!
RealNicePersonWithABrain - "Ta en bolle a, også roer vi også ned"
by overwatcher November 03, 2009
Idk b Idc

This means like "I don't know, but I do care" ^^ A little strange from the usual idc, but this one is different, just face it!
Dude 1 - Have you seen that guy recently? It doesn't seem like you care so much about him.

Dude 2 - Idk b Idc
by overwatcher December 16, 2009