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2 definitions by outsideTHEbubble

Hair style for men where in the hair is long, shaggy and parted down the middle.
Nice marijuana split.
Thanks, got any weed?
by outsideTHEbubble December 29, 2007
1) Any non-wealthy area of Orange County, California.
2) Where you will find yourself if you decide to live in Orange County and you don't have millions of dollars or don't want a giant mortgage.
3) Any area of Orange County not featured on a reality show.
person #1 - Where are you from?
person #2 - The O.C.
person #1 - No kidding, what part?
person #2 - Lake Forest
person #1 - Dude, that's in The NO C !!!
by outsideTHEbubble December 29, 2007