1 definition by outiebellybuttonlover

when a girl hooks up with you, takes off your shirt and kisses down your abdomen kissing your nippes and your belly button also than taking off your pants and puts her mouth on your cock and sucks up and down
jen told me she wanted to give me a blow job when i come over her house next time, i went over and went up to her room she told me to lay down on her bed she and i started hooking up then she took off my shirt, kissed my neck and then my nipples she kept kissing down my belly until she got to my belly button where she started kissing that then whe got to my pants and took them off, she started rubbing her hand on my boxers then took those off and started sucking and then i ejaculated and she drank it and licked it all of this is a b
by outiebellybuttonlover September 24, 2009

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